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'Home of Wholeistic Healing Hub Leeming Bar'

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For over 10 years since first discovering & working with Reiki, it has inspired our lives,

calling us to further discover the affects & effects Reiki has;

Physically, Emotionally, Mentally & Spiritually.

We have achieved "Balance of Heart & Mind"

We can help you achieve it tooThe 'it' we refer to is called 'homeostasis';


Being empowered by & with Reiki we can help you achieve 'balance' too. 

Everything we do we TRULY believe in and TRUST

We are Whole(istic) Usui Reiki Practitioners

What does that mean we hear you asking?

Whole as in the whole body; Physically, Emotionally, Mentally & Spiritually

Also we honour the line of Dr Usui and have a direct traceable lineage to him too.


We deliver Reiki "TREAT"Ments and Usui Reiki courses here in Leeming Bar, North Yorkshire,

we're ideally placed close to the A1 Junction 51. 

For students wishing to stay in local accommodation there is accommodation available in the village,

or the local towns of Bedale, or Northallerton.

We are on the number 73 < Link > bus route from Northallerton Railway Station to Bedale for folks who are none drivers.

  The Five Reiki Precepts/Principles (Just for today...)
I will not worry
I will not anger
I will honour every living thing
I well earn my living honestly
I will show gratitude and kindness to all living thing

Our Reiki is honouring the lineage of Dr Usui, Dr Hyashi & Mme Takata

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