Re-Opening WEF Monday 12th April 2021

Sadly not as a business, we decided due to Covid, limitations,

a lack of government support we could no longer sustain our former business

Reiki Relax ~ Leeming Bar :-(  To that end we're drawing down our 'web presence' too.

We shall be dis-continuing our Web~Site late July 2021.


We will operate purely as a hobby.

If you have any questions about; Reiki Courses or "TREAT"Ments,

Aromatherapy, Meditation, Mindfulness or Mark's Mindful Movements workshops

 our contact details can be found linked <Here>

Information on Reiki < Here >

Reiki Courses / Levels < Here >

Prices < Here> Small-Print < Here >

Meditation < Here > & Mindfulness < Here >

Workshops < Here >



MMM Workshop Sessions < Here >


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