Relaxation Tracks played during "TREAT"Ments

Many clients / friends have asked "where can we access your tracks used during your lovely "TREAT"Ments please?

All were downloaded via YouTube, so I've listed then in play order below.

Track One ~ <Link>

Track Two ~ <Link>

Track Three ~ <Link>

Track Four ~ <Link>

Track Five ~ <Link>

Track Six ~ <Link>

Track Seven ~ <Link>

Track Eight ~ <Link>

Track Nine ~ <Link>

Track Ten (Wake Up / Alert Time)  <Link>

Track Eleven ~ <Link>

Track Twelve ~ <Link>


Below are some links I've found and use to achieve relaxation.

Calm Music Peaceful Songs 01h:03m:18s in duration <Link>

Heart of Reiki (Tibetan Chime every 5 Minutes <Link>

Llewellyn Reiki Starlight <Link>

Open To Your Light Heart 09m:38s in duration <Link>

Reiki Rivers & Celtic Reiki Music <Link>

The above are direct links to YouTube, if you encounter any dead links please report them back to me and I'll remove the from here..