Indian Head Massage

We love delivering relaxation and treatments to everyone however, we will not treat conditions such as:- Undiagnosed lumps, bumps, skin infections, broken skin on area to be treated, any broken bones in shoulders upper arms, chest / collar bones head / face or neck.

Reiki underpins all our"TREAT"Ments.

A professional massage is more than an ordinary backrub. We can find all the kinks that have built up from daily stress and too little or too much exercise.  The whole point of a therapeutic massage is to release any tensions, work out the kinks and help your body relax so it can function at an optimal level.  All of this work stretches muscles, pushes blood into them and gets things working again.  With the aid of Hot~Stones we achieve a far deeper more penetrative massage.


The massage includes the neck, shoulders and upper arms.  Indian head massage is a safe simple, yet effective therapy that not only promotes hair growth, but also provides relief from aches and pains.  It helps to relieving symptoms of stress.  You will be sat on a height adjustable chair to allow 360' access to you. You can choose Argan Oil products (Argan is a nut), or we can carry out an Aromatherapy blending session to create your own bespoke oils blend.


How does it work? 

Indian head massage is especially good for relieving stress, tension, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, migraine and sinusitis. Indian head massage helps increase joint mobility and flexibility in the neck and shoulders, improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow, frees  knots of muscular tension, relaxes connective tissue, and aids in the elimination of accumulated toxins and waste products.  It is particularly good for reducing the effects of stress and tension. 


Indian head massage involves working with a firm yet gentle rhythm to help balance the energy field and relieve the build-up of tension.  Its effects are not just physical but it also works on an emotional level too.

What to expect during and after the session?

The “TREAT”ment will take place in a warm and relaxing environment.  Following consultation session which includes questions about your medical history, general health, lifestyle and sleep patterns, you'll be sat upright in a chair for your “TREAT”ment.  We use a variety of movements across your head, face, neck, shoulders and arms. 


After your session you may feel slightly dizzy.  Indian head massage releases toxins in the body that need to be flushed out so drink plenty of water after your session to keep yourself / system hydrated.  

Some of the immediate benefits that you can experience from regular Indian Head Massage:-

Reduction of tension in neck, scalp, face and jaw
Helps eyestrain, nasal congestion and ear-ache
Relief from headaches, sinusitis and tinnitus
Release of fibrous adhesions, knots and nodules
Improved mobility in the upper back and shoulders
Stronger immune system helping to fight illness
Nourished scalp, encouraging strong, healthy hair
Improved circulation and younger looking skin
Better lymphatic drainage, and removal of toxins
Relief from stress, anxiety and chronic depression

Indian Head Massage is fine after the 1st trimester in pregnancy.  Caution needs to be observed if heavily pregnant, as it may cause dizziness of lightheadedness. Reiki is safe throughout pregnancy, we mention this as Reiki will flow whenever any "TREAT"Ments are carried out.


Your modesty will be respected at all times.  You will be covered with towels which will be strategically rolled back to allow an area of the body to be massaged.  I / we will leave the room to allow privacy when you are getting changed.


We are obliged by professional membership and "ethics" to conduct a Face to Face consultation in order to discuss contraindications and determine the best fragrance blend for your by process of oil selection.


Before arrival we request / suggest you be freshly showered / bathed, this is to ensure you are able to keep the oils on your body for longer when you return home, you will not need to shower or bathe again before bed.  For the massage, we have disposable tanning briefs available, or we suggest older briefs be worn, if you feel more comfortable you may wear shorts too. 


Please wear what you are comfortable in, (please avoid nylon or silken clothing) as this can generate static electricity. We will discuss any adjustment of clothing to accommodate Hot~Stones placement, access etc with you. 

We will always discuss the 'Contact Contract' to ensure we are happy to proceed with the massage.


We suggest wearing older clothes for after as the oils may lightly stain clothing etc.  We use towels to cover your body, your modesty will be respected at all times. 


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Please note we will discuss a "Contact Contract" with you to ensure we are happy with the "TREAT"Ment session.


After any massage session it is important you keep hydrated. 
Massage releases toxins in the body that need to be flushed out so drink plenty of water after your session to keep yourself / your system hydrated.  

Pre-Blended Oils from "Purple Flame Aromatherapy"

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Balance Pre-Blended Massage Oil

De~Tox Pre-Blended Massage Oil

Energise Pre-Blended Massage Oil

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