Hydrating (Mint Balm & Cotton)

 Hydrating facial exfoliator helps to replenish moisture levels while eliminating dead skin cells to reveal new fresh skin. With extracts of Cotton and Aloe Vera to moisturise, this hydrating exfoliator helps refine and smooth the complexion

Hydrating facial cleanser, effectively removes everyday grime and make-up. Benefiting from extracts of Cotton and Aloe Vera to moisturise, the formula will cleanse without drying the skin and leave it feeling soft and hydrated.

Hydrating facial toner, helps to revive and condition the skin. Cotton extract hydrates while Balm Mint and Acerola provide antioxydant properties which help to slow down skin ageing. Suitable for everyday use, the skin will be left looking and feeling revived.

Hydrating facial moisturiser, formulated to restore, moisture and boost the complexion. Benefiting from extracts of Balm mint, a natural antioxydant, and Cotton renowned for its hydrating properties, this formula works all day to nourish and hydrate the skin.


After any massage session it is important you keep hydrated. 
Massage releases toxins in the body that need to be flushed out so drink plenty of water after your session to keep yourself / your system hydrated. 

We love delivering relaxation and treatments to everyone however, we will not treat conditions such as:- Undiagnosed lumps, bumps, skin infections, broken skin on area to be treated, any broken bones in shoulders upper arms, chest / collar bones head / face or neck.

Before arrival we request / suggest you be freshly showered / bathed, this is to ensure you are able to keep the oils on your body for longer when you return home, you will not need to shower or bathe again before bed.

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Please note we will discuss a "Contact Contract" with you to ensure we are happy with the "TREAT"Ment session.


Other product options are:-

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