"Whole"(istic) Back Massage

Whole(istic) ~ What does that mean??

Whole as in the whole body.

The Physical Body

The Emotional Body

The Mental Body

The Spiritual Body too... 

As that is the way Reiki works, all our "TREAT"Ments are underpinned by Reiki.


We love delivering relaxation and treatments to everyone however, we will not treat conditions such as:- Undiagnosed lumps, bumps, skin infections, broken skin on area to be treated, any broken bones in shoulders upper arms, chest / collar bones head / face or neck.

We are advised not to carry out Aromatherapy and or Thai Foot and Hand Massage during early pregnancy.  However, after 37/38 weeks and with the knowledge of midwifes we are happy to carry out Thai Foot, Leg and Hand massage with the use of Clary Sage Oil also.


Since stress can translate in different ways for different people, from aches and pains, to muscle tension, to both physical and emotional exhaustion, massage can actually help your body and mind de-stress.  Back Massage can delivered on "Onyx" our lovely Thai Seated Massage Chair.  Or on the our Reiki / Relaxation Massage Couch. Massage is known to cause reduce blood pressure also lower levels of the stress hormones in the blood, and helps raise the levels of certain brain chemicals that create a sense of well~being.

It is possible to have a Back Massage without Aromatherapy just using a carrier oil, however, it's better to take advantage of the benefits afforded by the oils.

Aromatherapy De-Stressing & Relaxing Back Massage with Hot~Stones can be carried out on our massage table or Thai Massage Chair.  Please discuss your preference.

Following an Aromatherapy <See Link> oils blending consultation this will take about 30 minutes, you will receive 60 minutes massage.  This can be taken either seated in our massage chair or laid face down on our massage couch / table. 


Before arrival we request / suggest you be freshly showered / bathed, this is to ensure you are able to keep the oils on your body for longer when you return home, you will not need to shower or bathe again before bed.  For the massage, we have disposable tanning briefs available, or we suggest older briefs be worn, if you feel more comfortable you may wear shorts too. 


Please wear what you are comfortable in, (please avoid nylon or silken clothing) as this can generate static electricity.  We will discuss any adjustment of clothing to accommodate Hot~Stones placement, access etc with you. 

We will always discuss the 'Contact Contract' to ensure we are happy to proceed with the massage. 

We do have a Thai Chair, however, far more clients have elected to have the massage on the bed.

Starting off laid on your back for the 1st 20 or so minutes, your ankles, knees, legs and hips are gently flexed to ensure the back muscles are 'warmed'.  A large Hot~Stone will be placed upon your tummy & sternum (Please advise us if you are or suspect you may be pregnant).  The massage that follows will use Hot~Stones, aromatherapy oils blended or pre-blended to work your upper arms, shoulders, neck and some auricular (ear) massage too.

For the remainder of the time you will be laid on your front to give access to your back, lower back and coccyx area for the Hot~Stones, Massage and oils to help heal your aches & pains.


We suggest wearing older clothes for after as the oils may lightly stain clothing etc.  We use towels to cover your body, your modesty will be respected at all times.  You will be covered with towels which will be strategically draped / rolled back to allow an area of the body to be massaged.  I / we will leave the room to allow privacy when you are getting changed. 


Click <Here> to see our promotional video of the "TREAT"Ments we deliver


Please note we will discuss a "Contact Contract" with you to ensure we are happy with the "TREAT"Ment session.


After any massage session it is important you keep hydrated. 
Massage releases toxins in the body that need to be flushed out so drink plenty of water after your session to keep yourself / your system hydrated.  

Pre-Blended Oils from "Purple Flame Aromatherapy"

Only the best for our clients / friends of Reiki Relaxation ~ Leeming Bar

Balance Pre-Blended Massage Oil

De~Tox Pre-Blended Massage Oil

Energise Pre-Blended Massage Oil

Muscle Ease Pre-Blended Massage Oil

Relax Pre-Blended Massage Oil


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