Test Home Page 00

These five pages mini Web~Site could be edited to meet your own requirements..

Nothing too swish, whistles n bells etc, just KISS principles..

NO e-commerce etc, just KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

If you have some IT skills I can teach you how to do your very own too;

As in the case with our son Darren and his business Dazzlin Clean Limited http://dazzlinclean.co.uk/

This could be your Home Page with a brief outline about you, your business,

your hobbies / passtimes etc..

Your web address will be preceeded by http://www.121-training.net/ you can then have it tailored to meet your needs etc.

i.e. www.121-training.net/Test/Test00.html


HOWEVER, you can invest in your own webspage, so long as you are competent at using a PC/LapTop within a few hours you too can be editing & uploading yout very own content too..


📱07540 615485 or 📞01677 422996🙏

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There will be a link back here to http://www.121-training.net/ to help keep the price as keen as it will be for you.. If you'd like to chat about the "offer" please get in touch..