Reiki Relax ~ Leeming Bar

Jan and Mark are Reiki Master Teachers, we work from our home in Leeming Bar North Yorkshire....

We don't provide mobile services, as we find it far more benefial for folks to step off of their world and into ours........


We're based in Leeming Bar North Yorkshire

All our "TREAT"Ments are underpinned by Reiki.

Hot~Stones are offered Free of Charge to any aromatherapy massage you choose.


Reiki Relaxation ~ Leeming Bar ~ Prices ~ ( From Monday 10th June 2019 )

Reiki “TREAT”Ments

Reiki ~ Taster Offer (1 Only per client / person) ~ Full Hour £25

Reiki 3 in 21 days after Reiki Taster or as part of our ‘Optimise Reiki Package’ offer can be repeated

Pre-booked and Pre-Paid £75 (£25 per session)

Reiki ~ Full Hour £35 If over a month since last Session / “TREAT”Ment, if less than a month £25 per session

Where possible we will rotate Reiki practitioner role when Jan is here / off work, we shall no longer be "doubling up" for repeat Reiki sessions, if however, folks wish 2 Reiki Practitioners for their session, there will be an additional cost of £15 for the 2nd practitioner.  This can be discussed at time of booking / before commencement of "TREAT"Ment as required.

Our choice of Hot~Stones Massage “TREAT”Ments

Aromatherapy (Pre-Blended Oils or Blending Consultation) Please ask when booking.

(Pre-Blended oils will be assumed) unless blending requested on booking.

Hot~Stones Massage “TREAT”Ments 40/45 mins £30 add 15/20 mins Reiki for £5

Back, Neck, Shoulders Massage / Indian Head Massage (Argan Oils if not allergic to nuts)

Thai Foot (Hands & Legs) Massage / Whole(istic) Facial Massage & Beauty “TREAT”Ment

All with FREE Hot~Stones

Create your very own ‘Me~Time Mini~Spa’ Sessions

"TREAT"Ments (Massage & Reiki Combination Sessions subject to Jan being available for Reiki)

Mini~Spa 1 massage & 1 hour Reiki “TREAT”Ment £55 ~ 2 & ½ to 3 hours approximately


Reiki Courses

We are Reiki Master Teachers / Advanced Reiki Practitioners, we teach all levels of Usui Reiki including Reiki4Kids from the comfort of our home in Leeming Bar. Reiki L1 & L2 £175 per student, reduced to £150 per student Minimum TWO Maximum FOUR students on course.

Flexible Study & Support L3a £210 (Reiki Master Practitioner / Advanced Reiki Practitioner)

L3b £250 (Reiki Master Teacher) Please Note for RMT level you will receive editable e-copies of our manuals, materials, certificate blanks, lineage etc, to edit and print off your own teaching resources.

Course dates / information listed on

We can arrange mutually agreeable course dates if our advertised dates do not meet your schedule.

(Please call for course / pricing information).

01677 422996 or 07540 615485


Aromatherapy Workshops

We're offering Aromatherapy Workshops from 09:30 - 15:30 (Lunch Included)

You will leave with 17 essential oils, manual, having created an oil(bath or body) a cream / lotion and a room spray, plus the knowledge to blend & create more of your very own. Also having been instructed in and carried out the basics of hand & foot massage. 

Please contact us to book or enquire

Early Bird discounted fee paid in full one week before course commence date £110.or deposit on booking / confirmation to secure place £35 by 17:00 on booking / close date.  Balance paid on day of course £100.
01677 422996 or 07540 615485

Please note, you can save with us in our ‘set aside fund’ to help you save towards “TREAT”Ments or courses too.

Full booking & appointment, cancellation T’s & C’s on our web-site.

We will always discuss the 'Contact Contract' to ensure we are happy to proceed with the massage / "TREAT"Ment/s

Pre-Blended Oils from "Purple Flame Aromatherapy"

Only the best for our clients / friends of Reiki Relaxation ~ Leeming Bar

Balance Pre-Blended Massage Oil

De~Tox Pre-Blended Massage Oil

Energise Pre-Blended Massage Oil

Muscle Ease Pre-Blended Massage Oil

Relax Pre-Blended Massage Oil

We suggest wearing older clothes for after as the oils may lightly stain clothing etc.  We use towels to cover your body, your modesty will be respected at all times.  You will be covered with towels which will be strategically draped / rolled back to allow an area of the body to be massaged.  I / we will leave the room to allow privacy when you are getting changed. 

Hot~Stones <See Link> will be used to give a deeper heat penetration on the :-

Neck, Shoulders, Upper & Lower Back, Legs, Feet etc focusing on the particular muscle groups holistically and individually.

Massage is known to reduce blood pressure, also lower levels of the stress hormones in the blood and helps raise the levels of certain brain chemicals that create a sense of well~being.  Taking time out for a massage can help to relieve listlessness, poor concentration, anxiety, depression, irritability and anger, it can also aid the relaxation needed to aid and encourage sleep.

Click <Here> to see our promotional video of the "TREAT"Ments we deliver

Please note we will discuss a "Contact Contract" with you to ensure we are happy with the "TREAT"Ment session.

After any massage session it is important you keep hydrated. 
Massage releases toxins in the body that need to be flushed out so drink plenty of water after your session to keep yourself / your system hydrated.  

Referrals Scheme.
We operate a referrals & loyalty scheme.

You will receive a £5 discount off your next session with us for new clients introduced to us.  This will be deducted after they receive their 1st "TREAT"Ment with us.

However, we do offer discounts as a 'loyalty & regularity' offer to members who visit us regularly, so we will honour the DISCOUNTED MEMBER PRICE if your "TREAT"Ment is within 4 months of the previous one otherwise the full



Your appointment is booked for you, we ask you attend on time, if you are late, and we have an appointment following, your appointment will be cut short and FULL price charged at the start of the session.

We would prefer you did not attend if you are suffering from a cold or sickness, as treatment is not good for you and us under such conditions.  The cancellation fee will then be waived so long as we are pre-notified. 

We all lead busy lives nowadays, and sometimes we have to alter our plans because of illness or emergencies. These things happen to everyone. If you need to postpone / re-schedule an appointment with us, please give at least 24 hours notice, so that we can offer your appointment slot to another client.

** Cancellations / Re-Schedules can be made by phone, text or email or FaceBook, however, please ensure you get an acknowledgement ** 

We do reserve the right to charge 50% of the fee if we receive less than 24 hours notice of the cancellation, further bookings may not be taken without pre-payment (BACS), Cash or Cheque. 

No show / failure to attend / last minute cancellation less than 12 hours of a booked appointment may also be charged at 100% of the missed session, this along with the fee for the planned session will need to be pre-paid before next appointment is accepted / started.

Before arrival we request / suggest you be freshly showered / bathed, this is to ensure you are able to keep the oils on your body for longer when you return home, you will not need to shower or bathe again before bed.  For the massage we suggest older briefs be worn.  For the massage we will discuss the contact contract, any clothing adjustments to be made.  We use towels to cover your body, your modesty will be respected at all time. 


Following 'discussion / business development coaching' also with our conservatory being more suitable for Reiki now, also following the success & lovely comments from Reiki folks @ Reiki shures, We've decided to use it as a 2nd "Reiki Space" so will be able to carry out Reiki "TREAT"Ments there too :-) 

That is when we have 2 clients / friends wishing "TREAT"Ments at the same time, be it 2 Reiki or one wishing massage and the other Reiki we can better accommodate clients. 

WEF 1st March 2018 we shall (where possible) rotate Reiki practitioner role when Jan is here / off work, in short we shall no longer be "doubling up" for repeat Reiki sessions, if however, clients wish 2 Reiki Practitioners for their session, there will be an additional cost of £15 for the 2nd practitioner. This can be discussed at time of booking/before commencement of "TREAT"Ment as required..

We look forward to welcoming clients / friends back into our home, our care to join us in doing what we love and loving what we do.

For new clients having a Reiki Taster where possible we shall try to "double up".

A 'booking payment' of full the fee is required for all new clients. This is non refundable if less than 24 hours notice is given for any cancellation.

In addition we will require a 50% booking fee to secure any future appointments. 





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