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 Reiki Relaxation & Wholeistic Healing ~ Leeming Bar

Reiki “TREAT”Ments (We are "Staying Covid-19 Secure").

Reiki Taster "TREAT"Ment Offer (1 Only per client / person) ~ Full Hour £25

(For paperwork, discussion etc, we suggest setting aside at least 2 hours for the 1st session)

For new clients having a Reiki Taster where possible we shall try to "double up", (once Covid-19 restrictiond permit again.)

That is Jan & Mark will deliver the 1st Reiki Session...


‘Optimise Reiki Package’ 3 Reiki "TREAT"Ments in 21 days.

(extension to a full month is available please ask).

Our generous £30 money saving offer can be repeated, please ask us for details.

For appointment planning purposes, Pre-booked and Pre-Paid a minimum of 48 hours before 1st session.

The 2nd & 3rd sessions can be arranged at the 1st session, these must be taken within the one month from 1st session. 

(BACs or Bank Transfer) £75 (£25 per session) a saving of £30


Reiki ~ Full Hour £35 If over a month since last Session / “TREAT”Ment, if less than a month £25 per session.

We will rotate Reiki practitioner role, after 1st "TREAT"ment we no longer double up for repeat Reiki sessions,

if however, folks wish 2 Reiki Practitioners for their session, there will be an additional cost of £15 for the 2nd practitioner,

however, until Covid-19 restrictions are eased / lifted we will limit to one practitioner.

Pre-booked and Pre-Paid a minimum or 48 hours before the session

(BACs or Bank Transfer) £35


We can accomodate late notice appointments (Please Phone) if we're able to fit you in we will do so.


Reiki Courses

We are Usui Reiki Master Teachers / Advanced Reiki Practitioners.

We teach all levels of Usui Reiki including Reiki4Kids from the comfort of our home in Leeming Bar.

Reiki Level 1 & Level 2 are £175 per student, reduced to £150 per student Maximum TWO students on course.

L1 & L2 are two separate courses, each is delivered over 2 days per level, please note we must leave at least 3 months between L1 & L2 for insurance & compliance purposes.

Payment (Pre Course / Per Level) BACs / Bank 2 Bank Transfer. £50 on booking balance 1 week before course.


Reiki Level 3a Flexible Study & Support £210 (Reiki Master Practitioner / Advanced Reiki Practitioner), when students are ready to ascend to L3a we hold a Face2Face meeings / tutorials (where practicable) to discuss case studies etc, as case studies are collected / completed we invite students to e-mail them for checking and discussion, we also deliver a formal teaching day here too.

Payment BACs / Bank 2 Bank Transfer. £50 on booking balance 1 week before course.


Reiki Level 3b £250 (Reiki Master Teacher) when students are ready to ascend to L3b we hold Face2Face meeings / tutorials to cover attunement process, to guest teach at one (or more if required) of our Reiki courses, please Note on graduation as RMT you will receive editable e-copies of our manuals, materials, certificate blanks, lineage etc, to edit and print off your own teaching resources.

Payment BACs / Bank 2 Bank Transfer. £50 on booking balance 1 week before course.


Course dates / information listed on < Dates Link >

We can arrange mutually agreeable course dates if our advertised dates do not meet your schedule.

(Please call for course / pricing information).

01677 422996 or 07540 615485


Aromatherapy Workshops

We're offering Aromatherapy Workshops from 09:30 - 15:30 (Lunch Included)

You will leave with 17 essential oils, manual, having created an oil(bath or body) a cream / lotion and a room spray,

plus the knowledge to blend & create more of your very own, also having been instructed in and carried out the basics of hand & foot massage. 

Please contact us to book or enquire ~ 01677 422996 or 07540 615485

Early Bird discounted fee option ~ Paid in full on booking (within 48 hours) £115

or deposit £25 on booking / confirmation to secure your place

 Balance £115 to be paid 1 week before course.

01677 422996 or 07540 615485


Core Values / Life 1:1 Coaching Session/s (POA) <<< Link >>>

 Meditation & Mindfulness 1:1 Coaching / Workshops (POA)

 Mark's Mindful Movement/s 1:1 "TASTER" session including equipment induction Session 90 mins £25

Offer extended to 31st March 2020 <<< Link >>>  Sessions thereafter are 60 minutes for £25 if within one month of previous session,

if not 60 minutes for £35


Please note, you can save with us in our ‘set aside fund’ to help you save towards “TREAT”Ments or courses too.

Full booking & appointment, cancellation T’s & C’s on our Small Print Page < Link >

Please note we will discuss a "Contact Contract" with you to ensure we are happy with the Reiki "TREAT"Ment session.

After any Reiki session it is important you keep hydrated. 
Reiki can help release toxins in the body that need to be flushed out,

so please drink plenty of water after your session to keep yourself / your system hydrated.  

Referrals Scheme...
We operate a referrals & loyalty scheme.

You will receive a £5 discount off your next session with us for new clients introduced to us.  

This will be deducted after they receive their 1st Reiki "TREAT"Ment or MMM / Chi~Bration Session with us.

Following 'discussion / business development coaching' also with our conservatory being more suitable for Reiki now, also following the success & lovely comments from Reiki folks @ Reiki shures. 

We've decided to use it as a 2nd "Reiki Space" so will be able to carry out Reiki "TREAT"Ments there too :-) 

That is when we have 2 clients / friends wishing Reiki "TREAT"Ments at the same time, we can better accommodate two Reiki clients.

We look forward to welcoming clients / friends back into our home,

our care and to join us in 'doing what we love and loving what we do'.

Whilst operating within guidance of; "Staying Covid-19 Secure".

For "TREAT"Ments and or Fitness Sessions a 'booking payment' of the full fee is now required. 

Please note, as of 1st January 2020 and in addition to "Staying Covid-19 Secure" we will only be accepting payments by BACs or Bank Transfer at least 48 hours BEFORE "TREAT"Ments, and fitness sessions to reserve your appointment.

For Courses, or Workshops payment in full one week before commence date deposits are non-refundable..

(Please see our small print.) or phone for clarification.

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