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Are you or someone you know / love looking for 'Life Coaching'? 

Or a change of direction in work / seeking self-employment??

There is nothing more powerful than the focused attention placed on a desired goal.

On my journey through life I've encountered many a challenge, best of all have overcome them! With that success in mind, I'm here to help you identify your life goal/s, create a plan that is SMARTER and help you work towards a better place in life..

I can help people to courageously re-align their life, working out then working with their deepest CORE VALUES.

What are core values?

Deeply rooted fundamental beliefs. Guides that dictate your behaviour and actions. The foundations of what is driving your decisions. Ingrained principles that help you declare who you are and what you stand for. 

What I will do is create awareness, this will come as a result of and after our discussion, I will show you what you want, I bring light to what you are doing to get that chosen outcome.  Our sessions will be carried out one to one first off carried out here in Reiki Relaxation Leeming Bar if practicable follow up appointments here too, or may be conducted by e-mail, e-communication or phone, so it is simple and can be done anywhere.


Initially, I ask for 3 hours of your time.  I provide a safe non-judgemental space for you to explore what is going on for you;

Then if you choose to follow up each week to discuss key concepts to help you stay on track with easy to do mini assignments,

these are guidance & optional for you do on your own time.  There is no fixed end date, however, you are free to dip in and dip out as you see fit. 

That is how I managed to best succeed with my life goals...


The first session is ‘Getting to know’ you, where you are in life, your aims and aspirations in and from life too.

This is an excellent foundation for our coaching and mentoring sessions, it will give you an idea of how the sessions will proceed.  

We will work through a template, or a series of templates if separate goals are to be addressed.

Not sure where you are?  Where you'd like to be?  Do you think you have cords to cut? 

What are your 'core values' do you use them?  Are they appreciated? 

Coaching 4 Phase




Living, Doing, Being.

If you’re looking for a coach who wants to help you create your business your way, I’m your man!

If you’re after one of those coaches who laments on & on about about getting to 6 or 7 figure income, you’re probably on the wrong web page!

I’m all about supporting you to create a business that gives you the life you want. 

Now that could be 6 figures, it may also be about working a 3 or 4 days week and having enough money after paying the bills for holidays / leave or luxuries,

or just a 'hobby income';

I’m interested in what success means to you, what you have to offer and how we can best work together.

I know what it’s feels like to run a business, because I run one too! 

I’ve been running my own business since redundancy from 'corporate life' in 2012, our Reiki has been supporting us to help and support others,

now my life experience, training, knowledge business accumen have helped me evolve into supporting fellow

entrepreneurs like you build, develop & GROW their own successful businesses.

When I started in 2012, the odds were against me.  I'd been sober for 3 years (I Still am sober),

I had had a 'prostate scare' undergone surgery (now all clear), been on anti depressants, was over weight too..  

My 1st year of redundancy was supported by wise investment in an insurance policy just in case of redundancy,

so that paid the bills and covered my losing a salary of some £28,800 per annum..

As a RAF & Falklands War Veteran resilience becomes second nature and a core value..  

Core Values, Business Coaching / Mentoring & Supporting are what I have to offer you.. 

To discuss your 'offer' where / how & when you are wishing to work etc we will work through.. 

In the develop & grow phase ( early days ) of our business mistakes were made, some costly, some painful,

however, lessons to learn from and grow with. 

Analysis is a habit of mine, however, NOT PARALYSIS BY OVER ANALYSIS!  

Initially we will have a business meeting, goal setting, needs, wants, dreams and aspirations you are wishing to achieve,

this will give you time to decide if working with me will really help you grow your business,

on the other side it will give me the opportunity to assess is this person serious, dedicated, hard working et al..

If you'd like to know more / arrange our 1st KEY Meeting please phone me.. < Contact Link >

Coaching Testimonials Received..

Just wanted to say a massive thank you after my coaching session in December. Already feeling the benefits of gaining some very precious time simply by finding a solution to my ever increasing workload which means I can still have it all!! Have gained some much needed family time but I'm still on top of all my commitments with much less stress in the bargain. Amazing to think that I had the solution at my fingertips all along - just needed Mark and a few brews to realise it. Forever in your debt. x

R.H.  Bedale

Well what a FAB coaching session that was....  Lovely remarks during and after too.

 "Three very useful hours to spend focusing on myself"

 "As a councelor I know the answer is 'within' however, it takes the correct questions and challenges to beliefs to bring then to the surface"

J. W. Middlesbough


I'm sure my FAB client will soon be applying the SMARTER techniques to the challenges & situations we identified, cords.... None to cut, however, questions to ask, boundaries to set, assertion not aggression is the way forward.   

 When working this deep with folks, it is an honour & privilege for them to share their "stuff" with me too,

I too learn, have learnt and will continue to learn.  

I have invested in a whole series of Mindfulness Resources to work through with clients at the 1:1 workshops, they cover many topics;

Career, Emotions, Family, Health, Meditation, Mindfulness, Purpose, Relationship, Self-Discovery, Sleep.


Taking it back a few years it was the 'issues' Mark had with PTSD & alcohol that led to him finding Reiki, we often times ask did Reiki find him?? 

He offers confidential 1:1 discussion and solutions that worked for him here is the link to read more....


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