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Jan and Mark are Reiki Master Teachers, we work from our home in Leeming Bar North Yorkshire....

We don't provide mobile services, as we find it far more benefial for folks to step off of their world and into ours........

We're based in Leeming Bar North Yorkshire

All our "TREAT"Ments are underpinned by Reiki.

Hot~Stones are offered Free of Charge to any aromatherapy massage you choose.

We're based in Leeming Bar North Yorkshire

We're so proud of our "Reiki Journey".

Honoured and Humbled to have other Reiki People and Reiki Family along too;

Welcome to Reiki Relaxation ~ Leeming Bar

The Home of the "Whole(istic) TREAT"Ment We decided to study Reiki in order to share some lovely relaxing and healing time together with our Reiki Master Teacher. We progressed the levels, also diversifying our skills and knowledge bank as we progressed. We both qualified as Advanced Reiki Practitioners / Reiki Master Practitioners in July 2012, Mark progressed to Reiki Master Teacher on the 11th November 2012. Jan qualified to Reiki Master Teacher in November of 2013.

Since qualifying as Reiki Master Teachers we now hold Reiki Teaching Courses in our home in Leeming Bar. We teach all levels from Reiki4Kids all the way through to Reiki Master Teacher. We also offer workshops on chakras, colours and crystals to help support folks on their own journey of spiritual development. In addition to Reiki, we offer a range of extra complementary “TREAT”ments / therapy sessions such as aromatherapy massage, chakra balancing, holistic facials, holistic back massage, Indian head massage, Thai foot, leg & hand massage, all massages have complimentary "Hot~Stones" to help with a deeper more penetrative massage.

Each therapy has profound physiological and psychological benefits to help calm the body, mind, soul, also to promote a better spiritual sense of well-being, by no way encroaching on ethical or religious belief etc of clients. We look forward to sharing our Reiki and or "TREAT"ments with you.

For Reiki Practitioners. We hold Reiki Share sessions here please contact us if you're interested in joining us.

Love n Light n Learning {{{ Laughter Too }}} Jan & Mark.. ....






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Chi~Bration is an innovative creation from Mark, using Chi(energy) exercises, stretches, weights, resistance bands, and Reviber Equipment as a means to get fit, combined with an infections Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) to help you lose weight as part of your gaining fitness / improves Well-Ness..

If you would like to know more, please visit & like the FaceBook Page
For an informal chat please phone on 01677 422996 or 07540 615485

Mark & Jan Bonney

The Reiki People behind ReikiRelax ~ Leeming Bar

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