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Please note, our workshops are aimed as a 'starter / introduction' to the topic.

Our Aims & Objectives are to Empower / Facilitate you to make a start on your journey of discovery, we can on request provide 'follow on' sessions, however, experience guides us that many people on a recreational / learning journey path are more than happy to invest wisely to start their journey, our empowerment is so directed....


Aromatherapy < Link >

Introduction to Crystals

We will teach you the 'basics' of crystals, where to use the Chakra Crystals you will receive as part of the workshop along with the manual and certificate.  We will also 'signpost' you to information, resources and sources to purchase from too.

Introduction to EFT / Tapping £POA

We will teach you the 'basics' of EFT / Tapping, we will also provide Chakra Crystals for personal use,  you will also receive a manual and certificate.

Gain Fitness / Lose Weight £POA

A change of 'mindset' is needed for many folks, Mark will take / talk you though how he has managed to gain fitness resulting in the massive weightloss of over 5 stones he broke that mile stone Sunday 4th November 2019!!  He will also introduce the Reviber & Yoga Equipment used to achive it, you will be able to 'test before you invest' in a formal MMM Session or Sessions.

Introduction to Meditation £POA

In this workshop you will be guided through some of the many & various breathing methods, also some guided meditation too.

This is again aimed to empower you & future meditation practices.

Introduction to Mindfulness £POA 

In this workshop you will be guided through the basics of 'mindful breathing', also the use of some basic 'mindful movements' with the aid of a yoga belt & blocks.  This is again aimed to empower you & future mindfulness practices.

Please note, you can save with us in our ‘set aside fund’ to help you save towards “TREAT”Ments or courses too.

Full booking & appointment, cancellation T’s & C’s on our Prices & Small Print pages

In addition we will require a 50% booking fee to secure any workshop places. < Small Print >


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