Cancellation Policy / Small Print



We understand that unanticipated events happen occasionally in everyone’s life.

In our desire to be effective and fair to all, the following policies are honored:

Pre-Payment on booking (Minimum 48 Hours) to secure your appointment and our time.

(Last Minute Appointment/Bookings paid in full via BACs / Bank Transfer to secure).

At least 24 hours advance notice is required when cancelling an appointment. 

This allows the opportunity for someone else to schedule an appointment.

If you are unable to give us 24 hours advance notice you will be charged
the full price of your appointment.


Anyone who either misses or consciously chooses to forget their appointment for whatever reason will be considered a “no-show.”

They will be charged the full price for their “missed” appointment.

Late Arrivals
If you arrive late, your session may be shortened in order to accommodate others whose appointments follow yours.

Regardless of the length of the treatment actually given, you will be responsible for the “full” session, please plan accordingly and be on time.



Your appointment is booked for you, we ask you attend on time, if you are late, your appointment may be cut short. 

As of 1st November 2020 (Our date of re-launch)

Pre-Payment is required for all sessions "TREAT"Ments etc

*** At least 48 hours before your appointment (unless is a last minute booking) ***

*** Courses & workshops deposit to secure you place and payment in full one week before course ***

We would prefer you did not attend if you are suffering from a cold or sickness, as treatment is not good for you and us under such conditions.  

The cancellation fee will then be waived so long as we are pre-notified more than 12 hours prior to appointment. 

We all lead busy lives nowadays, and sometimes we have to alter our plans because of illness or emergencies.

These things happen to everyone. If you need to postpone / re-schedule an appointment with us,

please give at least 24 hours notice, so that we can offer your appointment slot to another client.

No show / failure to attend / late notice cancellation (less than 24 hours) of a booked appointment may also be charged at 100% of the missed session,

this along with the fee for the planned session will need to be pre-paid before next appointment is accepted/booked.

Our "Gift Vouchers" are issued with a 3 month life with an expiry date stated on the voucher,

please do not leave it until the last day or worse still after expiry to book in for the session/s. 

Our Reiki 3 Reiki Sessions in 21 days offer is as stated, we will extend it to a full month if/when asked,

we appreciate circumstance somtimes dictates flexibility and we will try to be so too, however, we do need to discuss extensions...


For "TREAT"Ments and or Fitness Sessions a 'booking payment' of the full fee is now required no less than 48 hours prior to appointment.

This is non refundable if less than 24 hours notice is given for any cancellation,

if greater than 24 hours notice we will 'hold' it until next appointment or refund as required.


We look forward to welcoming clients / friends back into our home,

our care and to join us in 'doing what we love and loving what we do'.

Whilst operating within guidance of "Staying Covid-19 Secure".

  If you would like know more, please visit this < Link >

Then for an informal discussion and or booking enquiry please phone us:-

LandLine (With BT Call Protect) 01677 422996
Mobile 07540 615485
  The 5 Reiki Ethical Precepts / Principals are....

Just for today, I will not worry
Just for today, I will not anger
Just for today, I will honour every living thing
Just for today, I will earn my living honestly
Just for today, I will show my gratitude and kindness to all living things.

These Usui Reiki Ryoho precepts are honouring our lineage to

Dr Usui, Dr Hyashi & Madam Takata



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