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We offer Reiki4Kids courses here in Reiki Relaxation ~ Leeming Bar.

Dates to be arranged to suit our joint commitments, around school term times etc..

Children studying with us receive a workbook, a chakra crystals set, the course takes some 6 hours. 

Refreshments are provided, however, if allergies are known please advise us, bringing along required juices etc..

As children have a lesser attention span than adults, we have found delivery over 2 days 3 hours per day to be the best option.  Older children we can and will deliver the training to over the planned 6 hours on the same day.  In that case a picnic lunch will be required to be brought along too..  


 The Five Reiki Precepts / Principles

Just for today, I will not worry.

Just for today, I will not anger.

Just for today, I will honour every living thing.

Just for today, I will earn my living honestly.

Just for today, I will show my gratitude and kindness to all living things.


What are the benefits of Reiki for children?

Less likely to show signs of excitability or depression

Improve concentration / focus

Enhance relaxation and promote better sleep

Calming an balance promoting and learn to control breathing

Further information available from ~ <Link>


How two minutes of mindfulness can calm a class and boost attainment ~ <Link>




Reiki  ~ Information for adults.

Learning Reiki ~ Can anyone learn Reiki?? YES!!

The ability to learn Reiki is not dependent on intellectual capacity, nor does one have to be able to meditate. It does not take years of practice. It is simply passed on from the teacher to the student.  As soon as this happen, one has and can do Reiki!!  Because of this, it is easily learnt by anyone. Reiki is a pure form of healing not dependent on individual talent or acquired ability.  

Because of this, the personality of the healer is less likely to cloud the significance of the experience.  The feeling of being connected directly to “Source” healing energy, love and protection is clearly apparent.  Reiki is studied over specific levels. 

We follow Reiki Usui Ryoho, teaching is delivered from our home in Leeming Bar, it consists of 
discussion, theory, practical, and assessments, working together through our workbook and demonstration of techniques.  You will receive "Attunements" through the different levels as required to progress the levels at your pace within
UK Reiki Federation Guidelines.

Pre course self preparation... <Link>
Ideally you will carry out an advisory 21 days cleansing / personal 'De-Tox'.  Some times 21 days is not possible, however, we strongly advise you carry out a gentle 3 days 'De-Tox' to prepare your body and mind for the attunement/s you will receive.  Please call to discuss, we have documents covering requirements we can e-mail etc.

Reiki Level One ~ Shoden (1st Teachings) 
Delivered over 2 days per level 09:30 - 16:30 / 17:00 ~ Investment in your self is £180 (£150 when we have more than one student).  Price includes, chakra crystals, manual, supporting documentation, refreshments, lunch, on-going / post course support & guidance.

Reiki Level Two ~ Okuden (Inner Teachings) ~ Investment in your self is £180 (£150 when we have more than one student).  Price includes, Reiki Level Two Signs / Symbols on Shivas Lingham Stones, manual,supporting documentation, refreshments, lunch, on-going / post course support & guidance.
Delivered over 2 days 09:30 - 16:30 / 17:00

Reiki Level 3a ~ Shippuden (Advanced Reiki Practitioner / Reiki Master Practitioner) ** Flexible delivery POA**

Reiki Level 3b ~ Shippuden (Reiki Master Teacher) ** Flexible delivery POA **

Our Reiki courses for teens & adults are listed < Here >